Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kitchen Reno: The Beginning...

Living in Stonington has been amazing. Downtown Mystic right down the road, the boating, the beach, great restaurants and Haskell's favorite... the dog park. We have made many upgrades to our 1959 ranch, but this is the biggest yet. Michael and I have officially started our kitchen renovation! I will continue posting photos as we progress... Very exciting!

Say goodbye... we are going to miss that stove.
...and the Tiffany blue countertop
Haskell is saying goodbye!
No more floating fridge!! YES!
The face of the cabinets comes off
The shelving comes down
Haskell is confused because she can't find her food bowl.
My favorite view...
Upper cabinets are GONE! It was a beast pulling those things out.
They came out all in one piece.
Haskell approves.
Michael is going to keep growing his hair out until the kitchen is done...
Goodbye lower cabinets!
Vino break...

 To be continued...


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! Definitely keep us posted on FB. XXX - Erica from Seattle

  2. OMigosh look at you guys go! Can't wait to see it :) love you lover!


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