Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trip to NYC

As you know I was in NYC this past weekend visiting one of my best buddies to put together her wedding invitations (and eat bagels, drink grapefruit vodkas, visit michael kors......). I will be posting her invitations at a later date, but here are a few teasers! What an awesome weekend it was. Pura Vida! Wahoo! Also - random thought, but how GORGE is Lana Delrey? Wow.

From top left clockwise: me... stuck in traffic. happy apparently. hahaha - krauss's nugget, bailey - a small peek at her invites - fresh lavender from a local market, grown on a farm on long island - margie hard at work with the stamps. she will tell you... i'm even picky about how stamps go on. hahaha. thanks for your help, margie!

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