Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is this a joke?!

Okay... I love Les Mis and I love Anne Hathaway, but WHAT is this? The idea of turning the infamous musical into a movie is not half bad, but let's stop Anne from singing and convince her to do more movies with Meryl Streep. Any thoughts?

And on another entertainment note, is anyone watching The Bachelorette? WHAT. IS. UP. WITH. THAT. Emily is no doubt a sweet and pretty southern gal, but she loves West Virginia and literally has not one entertaining bone in her body. I guess I'm talking about it, so the producers are doing something right, but all in all it's once again one of the more awkward shows I've ever seen. How about when whats-his-face who already had a rose gave her this 19 page letter and some other sad guy had to just stand there and listen to her read the whole thing. HAH. I swore after the season with Ben I would stop, but friends keep asking me my opinion and I need some ammo. I would love your input on this.

 Onto more important things... I finally saw Hunger Games! AMAZING. Now Jennifer Lawrence is where it's at. And Lenny Kravitz? Did not see that one coming. Just finished the second book and can't wait to pick up the third. I know I'm behind the ball on this, but I couldn't not mention it.

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