Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Creativity runs in the family....

My dad, brother and I are having a contest out of who can get the best sunset shot of the summer... he recently sent me these shots he took this past weekend at the Isles of Shoals when my parents were spending a night on the boat. Though it was most likely taken with his ancient flip phone or digital camera, the thing that I love most is he can't fake it. No editing done whatsoever with the cool new apps like Instagram, Picfx or photoshop. Just plain old point and click. Just an amazing sky. Thanks dad for inspiring!

Here are a couple I took of Michael this weekend when we took a boating adventure over to Fishers Island, NY. There is one bar on the entire island where I found two of the best signs right next to each other. Although, I'm okay with dancing with ugly men. What??

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