Friday, April 26, 2013

simmering down a bit...

i am really inspired by tara and kathleen over at braid creative & consulting. i want to share their latest letter from my inbox today. if you follow other creatives, stylists, fashion bloggers, you will know exactly what tara is talking about. i am an outgoing person who is generally excited about life, but what is overkill when it comes to how we present ourselves behind the screen? are we really showing our true selves or are we overcompensating for the lack of face-to-face interaction?

it seems like i hear "lovelies", "doll", "fabulous", "darling" and "!!!!!" left and right lately. maybe it's time to reel it in on the overexclamating and cast your true personality... not to say you can't add an emoticon "thumbs up" because it's great to be pumped about a topic, but the online language seems to be getting fluffier. just something to ponder... check out the article below from tara of braid creative for more on this topic.


Tara here. Okay, I have to admit, I’m feeling like I need to take my own medicine and shape up my content a bit today.  I am procrastinating getting started on some website updates we want to make to our Braid site.  So what better way to procrastinate than write a letter to you guys? It’s either that, or see if I can scrape up some chocolate around here somewhere and answer a slew of emails.

When I say simmer down I mean, when it comes to sharing you and selling what you do, is it all coming out like an exclamation? Is everything you say a declaration of wonderfulness? For instance, is that Facebook post really so “AMAZING!!?” Are you really “SO EXCITED!!?” to share every blog post you compose. And when you have a first conversation, either via email or face-to-face with a person who’s maybe about to hire you, are you really going to be “DIFFERENT, AUTHENTIC, UNIQUE, INSPIRED, ALL-ABOUT-THEM,” not to mention “AFFORDABLE, FLEXIBLE,” while at the same time working that sparkling personality of yours and laughing your head off, “HA-HA-HA-HA!” (please hire me) “HA-HA-HA!?”

This ironically comes out of a rather excited conversation I was having with Kathleen just a few days ago, that turned it to soapbox moment, hands waving, us hilariously laughing, and then calming down and checking ourselves – because we do the same thing. I am constantly asking myself, wait? Do I really talk like this in real life, as I almost hit enter on a Facebook post with the word “amazing” in it, or a letter like this, where I’m tempted to start getting all clever, cute and more likeable than, well, useful.

I think some creatives, true, have the opposite problem of being too inaccessible, too territorial with their ideas and their attitudes, and their mystique keeps them from being wonderful business people. And part of that’s true. I’m not saying put up a wall, or a front or a cool attitude that’s not genuine.

I think when it comes to sharing and selling yourself through your content, you’ve got to figure out your own way to not smother people with likeability and excitability. Scratch that. What I mean is, you can be excited, likeable – heck, lovable – in your posts, tweets, about me copy, blog posts and even in that first conversation with a person who might just be a perfect new client or collaborator. But... when it comes to the moment where you want them to decide to actually hire you or not – that’s when it’s time to simmer down, stop using exclamation points, and just simply explain (not to be translated as over-explain, over-promise, or try to fit perfectly into every requirement they are looking for).

Are you giving people a chance to decide if they really need you? Are you giving them the space to formulate in their own head if you are a fit for them. Are you taking a breath and even letting yourself decide if they are a fit for you?

If you can remember to use your inside voice, as in, stop shouting so loud, stop smiling so big, stop using so many exclamation marks, and stop feeling like you have to do handstands just to get the attention, trust and respect of the very people you want to respect you the most.

See, no exclamation marks! (Oops, til that one.)

Tara Street | Braid Creative & Consulting

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