Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Day Tune and Groomsman Cards

howdy! two things today for your hump day, a great new tune and smokin' (hah) groomsman cards.

for those of you who frequent my site, you know i do custom bridesmaid cards for a unique way brides can ask their girls to stand by their side on their big day. a fabulous girl named caroline asked if i could come up with something for the groomsmen as well - i mean, we can't leave the boys out! here is what i came up with... currently available in my etsy shop here!

...and for your tune: my best bud, krauss brought back some killer stuff from her honeymoon in south africa that i have been listening to non stop. there is one song in particular that really gets me goin'. it will be perfect for your hump day afternoon. it is off a cd called save the rhinos (how fitting) and is by the arrows. this is lovesick... now get up offa that thang and dance til you feel bettah. mel, this one's for you!

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