Friday, October 12, 2012

what do V8 and Levi's have in common?

I am loving these commercials... both for very different reasons. The first is hilarious and this dude reminds me of someone I met in college which makes it even better. V8 is steppin' it up. I have always been a fan anyway (the mini cans are just the right amount) and it is a great option for a bloody mary. ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP!! Woooooooooo!!

This second one from Levi's has my full attention. They have done some solid commercials in the past, but the narration and videography are more capturing then ever... and much more entertaining than watching middle aged women prancing around in jeans drinking orange juice. Go Forth!

Also a couple health tips for the day: if you only buy two things that are organic make it apples and strawberries. This is the perfect time for a lil' pickin' so do it up! I recently ran out of kitchen cleaner that I use to wipe the surfaces down, etc. Try this mix up for size: 1C water, 1C white vinegar, 1TBS Baking Soda... and add a couple drops of essential oil so it doesn't smell like donkey. I love bergamot (find it here). Add a couple drops to olive oil for a back rub too! oo la la! Mix the concoction in a bowl before dumping it into a spray container because when you add the baking soda it's like a third grade volcano experiment.

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