Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Thursday... Give Back!

Haskell wants one!

The only thing I love more than dancing and nutella is my pup, Haskell. Check out Baxter and Birdie for modern, eco friendly pet products. All collars and leashes are one-of-a-kind using chic, up-cycled factory overstock fabric and scraps... and they are made in the USA!

The best part? Baxter and Birdie give back to the community through their "Buy One, Feed One" campaign. Every product you purchase feeds one shelter animal in need for one week... amaze.

Check out their site here... and remember... they only make a couple of each, so if you see a collar or leash that strikes your fancy, get it now! AND feel good about it.

via Baxter and Birdie

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