Monday, January 2, 2012

Kitchen Update... Cabinets are going in!

Thanks mom and dad for your hard work this past week! I am lucky to have some handy guys in my fam :)

This week: painting, wall and base cabinets installed, appliances arrive, gas, heating (an entire day spent finding parts) and some plumbing work.

Recessed lighting added (thank you david and susan!)... and they have a dimmer, YES!

Michael and my dad working on hanging the cabinets
Our badass stove.
...and fridge. Lots of cheese will be stored.
Martie loves it!
Thank god they are in charge of the math.
More cabinets up!
The stove will go here with the microwave suspended over.
Fridge has a home on the left and sink will be added to the right.
Here is what the doors/pulls will look like!

Base cabinets are added...
Mom having fun with Haskell!
...and I get a little lovin' too.

 To Be Continued...

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